Collaborating with an ethical fashion brand

Forage: Fashion that empowers freedom

Business values have always been a central focal point for me. I knew from the first day I started planning Forwords that I wanted to work with brands that I believe in, trust and feel proud to collaborate with.

My intention was to seek out clients who reflect my personal and professional ethos, are sustainably and ethically minded, and most importantly, who genuinely care. I could not be more grateful that my clients do exactly that!

One client who is always a delight to work with is Forage Design, an ethical fashion brand that’s full of heart, led by business owner Tina Payne. It is down to Tina’s clear vision, abundant passion and absolute authenticity that every piece of work I do for Forage is such a joy.

Forage’s raw crystal jewellery

Tina kindly wrote and creatively named this Tess-timonial, reflecting on the past eight months of working together:

“I met Tess at a corporate sustainability training event, and we connected based on our mutual interest in sustainability and ethics in business. 

I was struggling with knowing how to market my business, feeling that I lacked the flair to communicate my brand story, and bring my products in front of the people who would love them as much as I do. 

Earrings from Forage’s honeybee collection

Tess created a full marketing strategy package for my business, including branding advice, social media strategy, web design, brand messaging and content strategy. 

The package she created for me was inspiring, insightful, and affordable. It was full of ideas and actionable steps that I was able to start taking right away to really clarify the brand message of my business. 

A taste of Forage’s home collection

Since then I have continued to work with Tess to create and repurpose my marketing content. 

While it’s important for me that the voice of the company is authentically mine, I am not a confident writer, and my web copy is often written in a rather slap dash way. 

Working with Tess means the pressure of feeling I have to write perfectly has lifted completely. I am now able to quickly and spontaneously write a blog post, warts and all, and send it to Tess. She waves her magic wand over it so that it reads beautifully.

She will proof read and edit the piece, then break it down into several social media posts including calls to action, ready for me to plan out my month’s social media and email marketing campaign. 

Tess does this work quickly and efficiently and to a high standard, giving me professional web, social, and email copy, and has even helped me meet urgent deadlines at the drop of a hat. 

Working with Tess has really taken the heavy lifting out of marketing my small business. Something which I found time consuming and stressful I now find fun and easy, allowing me to spend more time in the business doing what I love.”

Tina Payne, Business Owner, Forage Design

It’s impossible to read a Tess-timonial like that without a smile!

If you share my values and your brand is looking for support with copywriting, editing, strategy or multi-media content creation, I can help you achieve your business goals. Let’s chat.

Finally, I’ll leave you with an Instagram post from Forage, which demonstrates their ambition to create ripples of positive changes that make the world a better place. We can all learn a thing or two from the folks at Forage.